Monday, December 24, 2012

and moving forward..

and they arrived from the quilter .. Terri Clark from Vancouver, WA.

I need to put the binding on for them to be totally complete, but here they are..


Jaci's Black and White.


Tori's Spring and Summer



Livi's Pink.




Sunday, December 23, 2012

Finally, quilt top 3 of 3 done..

I finally finished the top for the third quilt in the series for my three granddaughters.  I walked into this third one with the feeling it would never be finished..but it is.  I am trying out a new long arm quilter recommended by a friend of mine.  She is from Vancouver, Washington, so the tops and such had to be mailed to her to work on.  And naturally, behind is my middle I got them to her late..but she had them for just a week and already they are headed back..

So.. here is quilt number 3:  The black and white..for the 15 year old.

I ended up putting a six inch black border all around the top to frame it off.

These three colors are the backings for the quilts.
Black for the Black & White
Green for the Green/Yellow/Blue etc 
Lavendar for the Pink