Sunday, October 12, 2014

Plaid Flannel Quilt

While I was working on the Roman Road Quilt, I was also playing with some left over flannel plaids that wanted to be something.  So, on a whim, I cut out general blocks and just sewed them together.  It came out smaller than I wanted; and while at JoAnn Fabrics, I saw a piece of red flannel that would be perfect for the quilt.  And then I saw a piece of herringbone pattern green fabric that I thought would be perfect for the backing.  And I was able to get both pieces of fabric at 50% off for each piece... SWEET !!!

Another great sofa blanket for someone..

The more I looked at this, the more I realized that this was for a friend that lives in England.  So he received this for Xmas.  After I sent it off, I was telling a good friend that it cost as much to mail it as it did to get it quilted, but, was great to know it would have a good home.

So, here is the finished piece.  There was a learning curve for myself, which was good.  Flannel shrinks even more than I thought it would, so if I ever use flannel again, top grade flannel is required and at least a double wash and in a hot dryer are required before I cut anything.

Roman Road

A few years ago, I was given some xmas print flannel fat quarters.  At the time, I had an idea for a quilt, but never got around to making it.  About this time last year, another idea began to pop up in my mind.  So, I made this Roman Road..or Split Rail Fence .. depending on where you are from and the name you associate to it.

My nephew, Josh, requested a quilt from me 'someday', 'my choice'.  He likes to sleep, veg out on the sofa, thought that a sofa throw would be what I made for him.

Quilt Top .. Unfinished.  Blocks are laid out, but not sewn together yet.


I finally got the quilt top finished and sent off to Terri Clark (Salmon Creek Quilting) to have it long-armed.  I gave it to my nephew for Xmas.  He was thrilled when he saw it.  Hope it lasts him a long time.

Here is the finished piece:

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Diamond in the Rough Delivered

I received a nice thank you and a pic on Facebook of the quilt on the babies beautiful crib. Kim's choice of colors for the quilt were perfect.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Diamonds in the Rough finished

I finished the Diamonds quilt.  Waiting for label, but that will be an easy sew..

So here are the pics.

Picture taken by Teri Clark, the long arm quilter who quilted this for me:

The binding has been sewn on

The back of the quilt

One of the blocks

I requested that Kim design her own label, since this is for her grandchild.  This is her design.

A friend of mine has an embroidery machine and he did this label for me.  We are still trying to decide if the background color should be different.  But this is one of the attempts of what it will look like.

And we did go with a new label..and it is sewn truly done.

And so I used both labels..

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Throwback Thursday Kind of Thing

Back in the 90's, I was determined to make the most awesome quilt of all time..haha.  I started it and worked it..and then the relationship I was in went south...way south..and the blanket got set aside as I had to move, etc...and over the years, I pull it out, look at it..and then put it away again..

I am determined that by this time next year, I will have it finished.  It is a King Size blanket.  Made of flannel.  Pattern is Steeple Steps.  I did fussy cut a 7 inch square for each of the blocks.  I used about  2.5 yds of fabric to fussy cut all of the houses I needed for this.

So, here are a few pics of next years project or UFO (Un Finished Object) that will become finished.

There is a pattern of colors: Browns and Greens go in one direction.   Red and Blue go in another direction.

Starting a new laptop quilt

I was going to give this to a particular person but changed my mind for personal reasons and decided to give this to someone else. I need to sew the blocks together but suddenly my sewing room needs to be reconfigured and the sewing is getting suspended for a few days. 

Here is a pic of the work so far. The design has two different names. So take your pick, "Roman Road" or "Rail Fence".


Baby quilt top done

I finished the top and sent it off to be quilted.


I was taking pics of this and decided to take a few hanging on the clothesline on my patio. The sunlight was a little bright, but it made for a beautiful picture.