Friday, December 30, 2011

The quilt lady
This is the website of the Krista Moser that does the quilting for me. Love her work.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Detail work to get done...

Well, I have started getting the bias tape ready to put on the bear quilt. May work on it tonight, but need to finish up the detail work on the rainbow blanket first. A friend..the one in the pic helping me hold up the bear quilt below...has an embroidery machine and working with him, he embroidered my daughters family names on the blanket I made for them . It is to be a floor blanket or couch blanket for the kids when they are watching tv or such. I wanted the fake fur and the backing to be attached so I asked him what it would be like to embroider their names..and he played with it, came back and said it could be done. He did an amazing job of it too..very pleased. Now, I need to trim threads and remove some of the paper interfacing he used...and then it is ready to wrap.. Will include a couple of pics..of work in progress...remember it is a bright rainbow..haha..

The top..look for the names against the color..

The back so you can see all the names...

Sample of my daughters name...the rest are her husband and three daughters and their last name is on the blanket also.

Decided there needed to be a pic of the whole front of the blanket.