Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Another project to share

I did this project several years ago.  I went to a xmas party with my gift exchange item.  i had spent a good afternoon in a garden shop looking for the right thing.  The group of people at the party were pretty much garden type people, so I thought with the exchange thing that goes on, someone would like it.

Wrong.  The people that got it were bikers and I could see they were not happy.  I had picked up a bottle of wine as my gift.  After the exchange I walked up to them and offered to exchange gifts.  The wine was grabbed out of my hands so fast..I didn't have time to blink.  haha.

So I brought home my little plant holder wire frame and thought ... hmm now what do I do with it.  I am not much of an indoor plant person, so it sat around holding CD's and movies and such for a while. Then one day when I really needed something to hold items in my main bathroom.  -- No medicine chest --  I saw the basket and thought..hmm, I can make a box to go inside and put the odds and ends I want in that and put it on the toilet lid.

Previous projects of making boxes covered in fabric came to mind.  I went through my stash of fabric and this is the result.

The process is quite simple.

Cut out your cardboard shapes that will make the box.
Place all of your cardboard pieces on your fabric to know how much fabric you will need.
Cover the backside of that fabric in double faced iron on facing.
Trace your cardboard pieces on back of fabric with a half inch border around all cardboard.
Cut out pieces.
Remove backing of iron on interface.
Place cardboard pieces on back of fabric and iron fabric to cardboard.
Put the pieces together so that all are joining and forming a box.

I will come back and do a line by line example of how to do it..

For now, here are the pictures of the completed project.