Thursday, December 19, 2013

Another blanket project

I was playing around with some templates I picked up when I was in South Dakota last July.  Want to make a crib quilt and have lots of flannel sitting in the stash drawer.  So thought I would make some test blocks to see how they look.  I really like the look, so will go ahead and make the blanket out of them.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Finished the lap quilt top

I finished up the lap quilt top.  Will send it out to be quilted after the new year.

It is 52 x 52 inches.

Backing and binding will be the same green as the background color.

Ok..came back all quilted, so finished the binding and got it sent off..Came out great.

Monday, December 2, 2013

New Project Starting

I have begun my next project.  It is called a Shimacho Quilt.  I am making a slightly smaller version than the pattern calls for.  I had a stash of Asian type fabric I have been saving for a special project.  This will work perfect for what I have in mind.  The person getting this will like it I think. are a few photos of the idea.

What the finished piece should look like… I like how the borders form a negative space

The sample shows all the fabrics from my stash.

The green cloth will be the borders (in white on the pattern) and will be the full background front and back and side borders when the whole thing is done.

The overall look..pattern, planned idea, cloth

Friday, November 22, 2013

The King Size quilt is finished…finally

I finally sewed the last thread on the king size quilt I have been making for our bed for the past year.  I learned a few things in the process.

1.  I had Terri, the long-arm quilter leave the excess fabric on the blanket.  Then, per something I read on line, I trimmed the outer edge down to one inch from the fabric edge.  I sewed the binding on, putting raw edge to the line Terri sewed around the perimeter of the finished quilt.  I measured out ⅜ inch from the line I sewed and trimmed the edge back to that.


2.  Using water soluble glue, I glued the binding down on the back side, ironing it to set the glue. Glueing it down meant that I did not have to deal with pins as I tried to sew the binding in place.  The first time the quilt is washed will remove the glue from the quilt.

3.  Since my hand stitching has much to be desired, I used a decorative stitch to sew the binding down permanently.

It is now on the bed!!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Neverending Tale

I get nervous sending my quilts to Terri to do; not because of her, but because of the transportation to and from her. Last time I used UPS. I learned a valuable lesson of truly checking to verify the clerk has the right address on the box. It was incorrect, and luckily Terei went to the UPS office at her end after the first wrong address delivery and picked it up. This time, I used the mail system. She received it within two days. When she sent it back, it went from Vancouver to Portland, and then just disappeared. Four days later, it was checked in in San Francisco.  It took about a day to get to South Seattle and less than a day to be hand delivered to my door. I was going to ask if someone put it in their car and just drove it up here, but I have it and feel wonderful to have it.

I need to trim the edges and sew the binding on to finish it up. This will be the first quilt I have completed and plan on keeping for myself.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sewing for present on current project done..

Tomorrow, I send off the quilt top to be quilted.  

Here is the top.

This will be the backing and the binding.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

One more project done.

My bud, Martha, stopped in a few weeks ago with a request.  Her family are selling their family cabin, and in the cleaning it up, they found, in the linen bin, a quilt top.  They don't know who made it, but was it possible to finish it up into a complete quilt.  A washing in the washing machine and dryer proved that the material was still good, so gave her the go ahead to buy the supplies needed.

While working on it, I had many names for it..haha..with Butt Ugly being the initial name.  But a friend suggested Primitive as a better name.  ;-)  So Primitive it became.

They think the lady that may have done this was Martha's great grandmother.  The quilt top is hand stitched at 7 stitches per inch.  The blocks are basically 15 inch blocks.  The fabrics are a blend of leftover clothing for the most part.  Some could have been curtains and one looks like boxers.  Though there was the IDEA of symmetry..there were mishaps.  To properly bind the layers together, I sewed a line vertically and horizontally every 5 inches.

As I told Martha, the quilter in me wanted to cut it to shreds at times, but the quilter historian part of me needed to preserve this.  When I completed it out, squared it up, and got the binding on, it looked pretty good.  ;-)

So, here are the pics.

The unfinished top

 the hand stitching

It will not defeat me, it will not defeat me, it will not……….

The pinning and the giving of blood and flesh to a project.. (the bandaid  points to the bad pin!!)

 The Supervisor  - Gracie

 The vertical and horizontal lines.  Note the plaid fabric and how it folds upon itself.

 Supervising the screw ups to get them right.

Finished with Binding

Looks awesome.