Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Neverending Tale

I get nervous sending my quilts to Terri to do; not because of her, but because of the transportation to and from her. Last time I used UPS. I learned a valuable lesson of truly checking to verify the clerk has the right address on the box. It was incorrect, and luckily Terei went to the UPS office at her end after the first wrong address delivery and picked it up. This time, I used the mail system. She received it within two days. When she sent it back, it went from Vancouver to Portland, and then just disappeared. Four days later, it was checked in in San Francisco.  It took about a day to get to South Seattle and less than a day to be hand delivered to my door. I was going to ask if someone put it in their car and just drove it up here, but I have it and feel wonderful to have it.

I need to trim the edges and sew the binding on to finish it up. This will be the first quilt I have completed and plan on keeping for myself.

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  1. Thanks for close-ups on the quilting. That's a great quilting design for the angles in the quilt.