Friday, February 14, 2014


I saw a needlework piece at a needlework took a pic of it and then began trying to figure out how to make it work as  a quilt...

So, here are some pics..

So here is the block design I drew up.

The block would be 18 x 18.  This is 16 x 16.  The dark outer color would be the background.  The Star type block would be a Main Fabric, and the blank square would be a complimentary plain fabric.

This would be a full quilt with each of the Star blocks would be one of the blocks above.  It is out of proportion, but it was suggested to me to make the quilt be outside of the borders.

My challenge is the wings on either side.  It needs to look like you are looking at the kimono from the back, and that the front is opened.  So the wings should have the fabric at angles that show the 3D look.  


I tried a sample piece and don't see the outer wing as being angled enough.  It has taken a few days of thinking, but I think I know how to change the look.  So will wait til after Valentines Day to work on it.