Thursday, January 12, 2012

Handy tip to use

I saw this tip in a sewing tips book years ago.  Thank you to whoever published the tip.  I am forever doing three or four projects during a time frame..and being able to put little notes or things that jog my memory on the project helps a lot.

I just take whatever leftover paper I have, cut it into tabs and throw in a bowl.  I have my paper punch in my sewing basket and I just make notes, attach to fabric and move on.

Slow going for a new year

I seem to be in slow mode as the year is beginning.  I had totally hoped to have the Bear Quilt finished, but I am caught up in watching TV in the evenings and hand sewing the binding around the quilt.  I have to get myself prepared when I sit down so that I am relaxed and the stitches will stay the same from sitting to sitting.

I hand basted the binding in place, but have found that the new clips I received as a christmas gift work very well at keeping the fabric in place as I move down the fabric.  I always find it amazing at what your mind can do when you are a sewing addict and you see tools meant for other jobs and how they just seem to fit into the sewing world.  My favorite tool when I am trying to hand flatten seams, or to push out a point after turning it inside a tool used by pottery people to shape their work on the turnstile.  It has a really nice point on it, a slightly dull but still sharp edge to flatten seams, and a nice thumb indent to not lose your grip as you are manhandling fabric.  In my stash of things is a pair of chopsticks.  I use those to reach into long openings to push corners out.