Sunday, October 27, 2013

One more project done.

My bud, Martha, stopped in a few weeks ago with a request.  Her family are selling their family cabin, and in the cleaning it up, they found, in the linen bin, a quilt top.  They don't know who made it, but was it possible to finish it up into a complete quilt.  A washing in the washing machine and dryer proved that the material was still good, so gave her the go ahead to buy the supplies needed.

While working on it, I had many names for it..haha..with Butt Ugly being the initial name.  But a friend suggested Primitive as a better name.  ;-)  So Primitive it became.

They think the lady that may have done this was Martha's great grandmother.  The quilt top is hand stitched at 7 stitches per inch.  The blocks are basically 15 inch blocks.  The fabrics are a blend of leftover clothing for the most part.  Some could have been curtains and one looks like boxers.  Though there was the IDEA of symmetry..there were mishaps.  To properly bind the layers together, I sewed a line vertically and horizontally every 5 inches.

As I told Martha, the quilter in me wanted to cut it to shreds at times, but the quilter historian part of me needed to preserve this.  When I completed it out, squared it up, and got the binding on, it looked pretty good.  ;-)

So, here are the pics.

The unfinished top

 the hand stitching

It will not defeat me, it will not defeat me, it will not……….

The pinning and the giving of blood and flesh to a project.. (the bandaid  points to the bad pin!!)

 The Supervisor  - Gracie

 The vertical and horizontal lines.  Note the plaid fabric and how it folds upon itself.

 Supervising the screw ups to get them right.

Finished with Binding

Looks awesome.


  1. Kudos to you for taking on this challenging project that will mean so much to your friend's family. What the blocks lack in precision piecing the quilt makes up for with it's own character and personal story.

  2. From a short distance, it has a very artsy feel to it, a little like the Gees Bend quilts. String quilts still are quite common, but I like the effect the stripes and plaids give. I'm going to have to remember that next time I'm making one!