Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pushing them out..

Well, I have been working on the second quilt top .. this one for Tori.  I had colors picked out, but a conversation with her grandmother...and I have changed the colors a bit to match her new bedroom and for her personal preferences.  It seems that Tori likes green a lot and blue not as much.  I had planned on doing green, yellow, and blue as the color scheme...Soooo .. I am doing green on all blocks and then half the blocks will also have yellow and blue, and the other half will have orange and lavender.  I am in the process of cutting out the shapes.  I did about a third of them today and hope to have them cut and ready to sew by the weekend.

Here are the colors for Tori's quilt.

So, while I have been working on this quilt top, I also have been agonizing at finding all the right fat quarters to do a black and white quilt for Jaci.  This idea came totally from her grandmother.  Jaci is 15 and with her new bedroom, and trying to be "cool", Kathy thought something that 'popped' might make her happy.  And as I thought about it..I wanted to add a touch of red to the mix for that 'popped' look. 

Here is a look at the colors so far.  I need a better pic because I have added more colors, but still need one more light color.  I plan on cutting out one red block.  I then will replace one square in three different blocks with the red piece.  Going to center it out across what will be the top of the spread.  I found a very cool piece of teal fabric I am going to include in the border going around the quilt to act as a highlight.

Here is the layout of colors gathered so far for this one.

As I start putting them together better and switch out I probably will, I will add pics..  It is all a work in progress...;-)

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