Thursday, September 12, 2013

New quilting again..

I saw a quilt at a local quilt looked interesting, I took a pic of it..and then forgot about it for a while until my brain stewed out what I wanted to do.  Late last year, when I ordered the fabric for the backings for the granddaughter quilts, a mixup happened with the fabric store..and I ended up with getting a good deal on future fabric.  Last February, I ordered a few 10 inch square charm packs and some 5 inch charm packs..think they have different names...but we will go with that...;-)..

The design calls for topstitching a five inch square in the middle of a ten inch square, then cuttting the 10 inch square into four five inch squares.  Rearrange the squares and sew them all back together in a pleasing pattern.

A freiend of mine has a fabric cutting machine that is awesome to play with.  He brought it over and for the next few weeks, I cut all of my stash of extra fabric into ten inch blocks and five inch blocks.

I decided that I am going to make a king size quilt for our bed.  It will require 144 blocks of the ten inch variety..but with blocking them down, etc, they will be 9 inch blocks.  Since I had so many colors, I stewed over the combinations and have decided to work with the color wheel.  I am including sections that each primary and secondary color will have a focus on the blanket and that I will use black in the center.

As I finish more sections, I will include pics...but for now..I will show pics of the inspiration..and the pamphlet that gives basic instructions.

The inspiration:


The Pattern Basics

The color palette I am working with:  

Left side:  Purple, Yellow, Green            Right side:  Blue, Red, Orange

  I decided that whatever the main color of the ten inch block, I would try and put the opposite color on the color wheel as the five inch block.  I also decided that the thread to topstitch with would be the color of the five inch block.  ie:  the green blocks have red as the center block sewn with red thread.  I also decided to do the topstitch in a blanket stitch.

I then had to decide how I wanted to mix and match.  

Here is the Master Plan:  

I divided the colors into patterns and then began matching up colors to form a ten inch block.  In the pic above, the first box in the upper left corner will have black, red, yellow, blue in the block.  I will be putting together 7 blocks with that color combination.  

The following are samples of how I have combined colors and just an idea for putting them together.

I like the pattern I see in the various blocks as I sew them...but will not sew them into a larger block until I have laid them all out to see the overall affect.

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  1. Oh! And then you added the extra step that put the color corners together! Makes a completely different looking quilt, doesn't it? Not quite forever, not even 3 months! =)