Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Back to sewing non stop again

Ok..started a new project.  Lang's niece is having a baby near Xmas, so her mother asked me if I would make a crib quilt for the new baby.   We worked out which pattern she wanted and she bought the fabric and sent it to me.  The pattern calls for some bling pieces and she forgot to send the bling..which is fine, cause I have lots of scrap fabric...and it gives me an excuse to use up the different fabrics I have.

The quilt pattern is called:  Diamond in the Rough.

It will look like this:  

So I have been cutting and trying to match scraps to the blocks with the idea of creating little bits of "pop" throughout the quilt.  The scrap fabric in the center will not match on the seams and the more varied the colors, the more bling it adds to the piece overall.  Because I want the overall pattern to be pleasing, so have put everything up on the flannel board.  I will be putting the 5 inch blocks back into a 9.5 inch block and then rearranging the colors according to the pattern I have drawn out.  When the four blocks are joined together, they form a rough diamond in the middle.. :-)  .

Here is the darker of the beiges that will become 6  9-inch blocks.

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