Thursday, October 13, 2011

I am sitting here sipping my morning coffee, and it occurred to me that I really am quite excited about this quilt being almost done. There is a light over the rainbow showing. That is such an exciting time. What crossed my mind this morning was how I felt years ago, in the 80's, when I entered a cross-stitch piece I had completed in the County Fair. I ended up with a Third (may have been fourth .. cause I think Pink is fourth) Place Ribbon for my work, which was exciting all by itself. The funniest part of the whole thing was when I was entering it to be shown and judged. I filled out all of the paperwork, talked to all the people, signed all of the waivers and etc's, I then had to hand over the framed piece I had done. I had the piece in my hand, I handed the piece to the lady, She grasped the one side to take and pulled slightly like she was going to take it. My hands would not let go of the frame. She tugged two or three times. She finally said, "Honey, I know it's hard to part with it, but you have to let go." I was so embarrassed. I told her, "I'm trying, but my hands won't respond." We both just looked at each other, chuckled, and then my hands let go. And then I felt as if I had abandoned it to the forces of nature and God knows what. And that is how I feel every time I make something and then give it away.

When the fair was over and I had the piece back, I gave it to my daughter as a gift ... since I made it for her in the first place.

In the land of pale moonbeams
awaits a castle made of dreams
It's not far, just close your eyes
and float through twinkling
starry skies
The moon dust sprinkles as your guide
And flying fairies by your side
For happy lands you now depart
To find the vision in your heart

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