Monday, October 10, 2011

Well, good intentions and all..go no where if I don't get off my butt and do posts or share information. After 5 years of planning and drawing out ideas and buying fabric and sewing and getting torqued and starting over, I finished the top of a quilt I was asked to make for a friend. I spent three years in the phase one part of planning, buying fabric, cutting it out, trying to put it together; only to be unhappy with the results and start over. I finally got serious about it two years ago..and still was tearing it apart every time I turned around. Finally two months ago, it seemed perfect and I just started sewing. Yesterday, I finished the top. Now I need to contact the quilter so I can schedule a time for her to do it on her long arm. The blanket will be for a King Size Bed. The quilt will go to the floor on three sides. The man I am making this for is a retired Navy Captain and a lover of all things Bear. I showed up at his house a few months ago and told him I needed to lay the panels out on his bed to make sure they would fit. He loved what he saw. Told me that with exception of Polar Bear, all the Bear colors were present. Anyway, here is the top.


  1. Welcome to the show, Men Quilt Too!

  2. Great quilt. Being I was born and raised pretty much in Alaska, this quilt reminds me of the homestead. : )