Monday, October 10, 2011

stuff I know.

Ok..Pieces of stuff I know..

Back in the day..when I was in college, I was studying to become a teacher. Part of the methods classes we took involved a class in How to Teach Social Studies.

We had to create a unit that we would teach from that would include grades kindergarden to grade nine. Due to my avid interest of quilting at the time, I decided to teach a unit on quilts and its various aspects that would and could include math, science, english, history and art.

In teaching, a teacher creates for each subject a three week teaching project for each subject. I had to gather enough information to put together classes for all the grades mentioned and subjects. At the end of the semester, I was asked to teach a 20 minute class for the fourth grade and in week two the second day.

I received an A for a semester grade. I have since given away all of my teaching aides and information, but I learned so much from what I gathered.

Todays bit of wisdom:

 1. Martha Washington used to take George's old silk hose stockings and slowly pull the threads until the entire stocking was unraveled. Silk thread can be used several times before it wears out.

 2. The Boston Tea Party happened because England decided that they needed to raise the tariff costs on textile products. That meant that any fabric or thread that would come into America would be taxed. The women of the new Americas objected to the higher complaining to their husbands that if they wanted clothes, they would need more money. Husbands objected.

 3. When I begin any sewing projects in which I need to keep track of fabrics and steps .. I grab a small stack of printer paper, cut into 2 inch squares or close to it...use a paper punch and punch two holes an eighth inch or so apart. That gives me a scrap of paper to write notes or write numbers or letters or whatever I need to know. I then pin the paper to the fabric in question using the holes to push the pin through. When done, I throw the paper away.

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