Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ideas and where they come from..

Out of the upper regions of my brain floats a fog...and out of the fog, stuff drops. And if I am very lucky, I manage to grab some of the floating stuff before it hits the ground and it becomes a floating thing, an idea, a modified floating thing, working toward concrete and then one day I put it to paper to see if it has merit and then eventually it turns out to be something you touch and feel. Such is how it goes...

Here is the pic of the wall hanging that inspired the bear quilt...

and the design that came out of it..

and if you look at the finished quilt, you will see the frame around the bear carried forward, the green background and in the stitching, the leaf pattern and in some cases the pine cone.  I had the bear pattern inserted in the border above and below the bear.  

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